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VJA's research and marketing disciplines assist media and entertainment industry leaders seeking to understand the impact of new technologies, products and services.  Our clientele benefit from VJA's deep domain experience and ability to interpret concepts and consequences between client customers and across internal studio executive ranks including operations, technology, sales and marketing.

VJA works with clients seeking to take a fresh look at operational process and task management. We help create leadership teams within the client's organization that work to locate and eliminate process blockers leading to higher costs and delayed product cycles. VJA's holistic approach to thought leadership builds a new level of organizational excellence and internal process integration while focusing all stakeholders on the company's strategic goals and best practices. We focus our efforts on understanding the process from the client's internal and external perspectives and apply proven process design methodologies to align the full range of client processes toward sustainable, long-term revenue maximization.

Process improvements often lead to new roles, responsibilities and organizational structures. VJA helps clients assess the organization's readiness and planning for change. Building bridges to successful transitions is one of our specialties.

VJA assists clients with the decision-making process for strategy goals and planning, including organization design and transformation, technology choices and change management. 

VJA's core expertise in international theatrical and television post-production, distribution and licensing is available for projects where client resources either don't exist or are too stretched to tackle the job. VJA's associates bring over 10 decades of collective experience at the major Hollywood studios, post-production companies and distributors.

VJA has over three decades of collective experience in media asset management and storage. We are experts in preservation, restoration and recovery of materials for commercial distribution. We are uniquely qualified to examine the level of business risk associated with how and where your materials are stored and tracked.

VJA Associates have significant senior studio-level management experience in foreign ADR operations, production control, and audio quality assurance. Our unique focus on foreign language versioning includes: auditable cost controls derived from exhaustive understanding of the cost drivers for foreign ADR; design and management of uniform production tools and procedures for deployment across multiple versioning teams; and consistent creative strategies to address the problems created by nontransparent, “key man” standards that differ from one territory to another. VJA empowers clients by bringing transparency and auditability to what is all too often a costly black-box process. Our goal is to free clients from dependence on specialists in distant locations for the information they need to create, evaluate, and manage their foreign-language audio and script assets.


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